Monday, December 30, 2013


Breakaway Fine Gael Legislators Register Unofficial "Third Party" [world politics news]

Lucinda Creighton of the Reform Alliance says the group of expelled Fine Gael legislators has no intention of forming a formal political party.

#TUNISIA: "Slimmed Down" Gov't of "Technocrats" to Lead Until Elections

[world politics news]

PM-designate Mehdi Jomaa, who will lead a small gov't of 15 ministers until elections are held.

#USA: #NH Legislator Investigated After Crushing Ducks with BMW

[world politics news]


Ambassador Who Defected to Australia Labeled "Traitor" [world politics news]


Welfare Fraud Feared as EU Opens Doors to Eastern Immigrants [world politics news]

Seven years after joining, Bulgarians and Romanians can now immigrate and work anywhere in the EU, prompting German fears of a huge rise in welfare claims. Merkel's Christian Democrats are calling for tougher standards to prevent abuse.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Two Former Sarkozy Aides Face Corruption Probe, Endangering Comeback [world politics news]


Unions Attack "Meager" €12/Month Minimum Wage Hike [world politics news]


Public Info Officer Resigns Amid Error-Strewn Poster at Pro-Constitution Event [world politics news]

The poster misspelled "Egyptians" in Arabic and featured images of three Westerners, including a Down Syndrome boy.


Survey Shows 90% Support for Crackdown on Gov't Waste and "Extravagance" [world politics news]

CA Gov. Jerry Brown, 75, May Seek White House For a Fourth Time [world politics news]


Police Detain Sons of Three Gov't Ministers In Bribery, Corruption Probe [world politics news]


West May Allow #Assad to Stay in Power, Fearing Radical Islamists' Rise [world politics news]

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Duma to Vote on Forgiveness of $29 Billion of Soviet-Era Aid to Cuba [world politics news]


Gov't Must Cut €2.5 Bill. Next Year, Not the Planned €2 Bill., Warns EU [world politics news]

The IMF’s Ajai Chopra at a troika press conference in Dublin.


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau Defends Missing One-Third of Commons Question Periods [world politics news]


PM #Abe's Popularity Sinks 10% in a Month Over New Secrecy Law [world politics news]


Same Day as Obama-Castro Handshake, Human Rights Day Demonstrators Detained [world politics news]


Scandal-Plagued Pres. Zuma Booed At Mandela Funeral Appearance [world politics news]