Thursday, February 21, 2013

ZIMBABWE: Police Seize Radios Ahead of Constitutional Referendum [world politics news]

EGYPT: Electoral Law Passes in Upper House; Paves Way For New Elections [world politics news]
ARMENIA: Opposition Candidate Contests President's Easy Re-Election [world politics news]
ITALY: Last Minute Campaign Letter Promising Tax Repeal Condemned [world politics news]

ITALY: Monti Says German Chancellor Opposes Center-Left Party Victory [world politics news]

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

USA: Strom Thurmond's Secret Mixed-Race Daughter Dies at 87 [world politics news]
UK: Commons Vote for Gay Marriage; Less Than Half of Tories Approve [world politics news]
ITALY: Monti Says Berlusconi's Tax Rebate Vow "Friendly Attempt at Corruption" [world politics news]

ITALY: Berlusconi Polling Narrows the Gap After Tax Repeal Pledge [world politics news]
SLOVENIA: Second Party to Quit Crumbling Coalition Gov't [world politics news]
GERMANY: Free Democratic Party Leader Accused of "Inappropriate Advances" [world politics news]

QATAR: Greek, Turkish Leaders Hold Surprise Summit in Doha, Qatar [world politics news]

ICELAND: Newly Formed "Bright Future Party" Second Largest, Says Poll [world politics news]

JAPAN: Gov't May Allow Exports of Japanese-Made Stealth Fighter Jet Parts [world politics news]

RUSSIA: Unregistered "Pirate Party" to Ban Gov't ISPs from Visiting Website [world politics news]
MEXICO: Proposed Agreement With US Would End "Tomato War" [world politics news]