Monday, February 27, 2012

CHINA: Government Spokesman Calls for "Dialogue" on Iran Nuke Program
BRAZIL: Supreme Court Upholds Anti-Corruption Election Law
IRELAND: Energy Minister Defends Charging Customers for NOT Using Enough Electricity
BOLIVIA: Leftist President Calls for Construction of New, Larger Presidential Palace With Helipad

The current presidential palace.

CHINA: Officials Arrested for Bribery and "Rampant Counterfeiting" of Food and Drugs
AUSTRALIA: Chinese Adviser Warns of Strategic Differences

Thursday, February 16, 2012

CANADA: Alberta's Wildrose Alliance Party Rising in Polls, Ruling PC Party Flagging
TAIWAN: Beijing Mayor Greeted by Mass Demonstrations During Taiwan Visit
JAPAN: National Referendum on Nuclear Power's Future Considered 
JAPAN: PM Warns Israel Against Attack on Iran
USA: NJ Assembly Approves Gay Marriage; Gov. Christie Vows Veto
IRAN: Negotiator Says Iran Ready to Resume Talks over Nuclear Program
UK: Military Equipment, Including Tanks, Could Be Stored in Germany So Land Can Be Sold, Says MoD
INDIA: Police Detain Anti-China Protesters Outside Chinese Embassy
BRAZIL: Gov't Freezes $32 in Spending in Bid to Lower Interest Rates
SOMALIA: President Asks UN to Lift Arms Embargo
AFGHANISTAN: Karzai says Afghan Gov't, Taliban and USA Holding Secret Three-Way Talks
GREECE: German Foreign Minister Suggests New Greek Gov't Without Political Parties, Calls for Postponement of Elections
IRELAND: Social Welfare Abuse Crackdown Saves €645 million
ISRAEL: Iran Sanctions Not Working, Says Israeli PM Netanyahu

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

KENYA: Accused War Criminal Gains Tribal Support in Presidential Bid
KUWAIT: For First Time Since 2005, No Women in New Cabinet
INDIA: Three Trade Deals Set to Be Signed with Pakistan
UK: British MPs to Visit Falklands Amid Tensions
SAUDI ARABIA: India, Saudi Arabia Set Up Joint Defense Council
GREECE: Politicians in Greece Battle to Save Bailout Deal
SYRIA: US State Dept. Says Russia, Iran Still Arming Assad Regime

Monday, February 06, 2012

MEXICO: Conservative PAN Party Chooses Woman Presidential Candidate
GERMANY: Politician Slammed for Proposing Sharia Law in Civil Cases
RUSSIA: Election Monitoring Website Launched
VIETNAM: Gov't Arrests Nine in "Plot" to Overthrow the Communist Gov't Non-violently
GREECE: Gov't Warned by France, Germany That Time Running Out for Bailout Agreement
JAPAN: China Protests Japan's Plan to Name Contested Uninhabited Islands
JAPAN: Gov't Agrees to Slower Transfer of US Troops to Guam from Okinawa Base
CANADA: PM Harper Fears Iran Would Use Nukes if it Had Them
CHINA: Gov't Bars Airlines from Paying European Carbon Fee
ROMANIA: Prime Minister's Gov't Resigns After Anti-Austerity Protests
SYRIA: US Closes Embassy, Pulls Diplomats from Syria