Friday, June 30, 2006

Germany: Bundestag passes wide-ranging constitutional reforms aimed at clarifying parliamentary powers
 Switzerland: Cabinet seeks agriculture free trade deal from EU
Kuwait: Women fail to win any parliamentary seats in first-ever female voting; 27 out of 249 candidates were female
Bangladesh: Parties close to agreement on electoral reform, but continue feuding on other issues 
Sri Lanka: Talks begin in Oslo, Norway to save ceasefire
Sudan: President rules out deployment of UN troops to Dafur region 
Syria: Neighbors Iraq, Jordan, Beirut delay diplomatic exchanges with Syrian gov't 
Jordan: Recent prosecutions suggest gov't "getting tough" on corruption, says gov't official
 Romania: President 'slams' plan for full pull-out of troops from Iraq
France: Senate, National Assembly pass "iTunes Law" that may require Apple to ensure compatability with other download services

Thursday, June 29, 2006

France: Former Socialist PM Jospin could stand in presidential elections next year 
Turkey: PM tells EU Parliament Muslim cartoons show need for "curbs" on free speech
Estonia: Border guards on eastern frontier fall "below critical" despite EU aid 
Thailand: Court rules voters may not be required to use rubber stamps to mark ballots
Libya: Some in gov't oppose final payments to Lockerbee survivor families 
Tanzania: "Bureaucrats and experts" to blame for not warning government of oncoming famine
Papua New Guinea: "Network within gov't departments" defrauded the state of millions, says police commissioner
New Zealand: Immigration minister "wary" of accepting more workers from poor Pacific nations 
U.S.A.: Senate endorses U.S.-Oman free trade deal 
Dem. Rep. of Congo: First free election in 40 years kicks off with 200 parties, 10,000 candidates
 Nepal: New parliament sworn in, king's powers stripped after months of direct rule
Bahrain: Shiite opposition vows to contest this year's legislative elections, drop four-year boycott
China: Internal political reforms will turn China into democracy, says party official
Pakistan: Concerns renewed over U.S.-India nuclear deal
Russia: Duma calls for thorough investigation of diplomats' murder in Baghdad 
Lithuania: Social Democratic Party member Gediminas Kirkilas nominated as PM; first choice was rejected by parliament
Latvia: President returns labor law failing to offer sexual orientation protections; provision required by EU 
Serbia: Nation will not accept 'imposed solution' over Kosovo's fate, says PM Kostunica 
 Mauritania: Voters approve new constititution limiting presidential terms; had broad, multi-party support
Peru: Lame duck Peruvian Congress approves U.S.-Peru trade deal
Ukraine: Tens of thousands protest in Kiev over doubling of gas, electicity prices 
Thailand: Prosecutors recommend disbanding ruling political party and main opposition party 
Netherlands: Somali-born ex-MP allowed to keep citizenship despite asylum app. lie exposure
Vietnam: 44% of National Assembly defy PM over cabinet minister accused of corruption; rare defiance in Communist gov't

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Haiti: EU links increased development aid to continuance of democractic reforms
Havana: 'Latin American Parliament' conference calls for regional civil defense system against natural disasters 
Venezuela: Chavez to speak at July 1 African Union Summit 
Canada: Parliamentary committee calls for halt to deporting illegals while policy debated
Spain: PM Zapatero defends planned talks with outlawed leftist party 
Hungary: Planned austerity package won't be as severe as 1990s version, says PM 
Vietnam: Nguyen Tan Dung elected PM by National Assembly, vows to fight corruption, bureaucracy
 Mexico: Presidential campaign wraps up
Montenegro: Nation becomes 192nd UN Member State 

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Zealand: PM Clark unveils $30 million boost for early childhood education 
Portugal: PM Jose Socrates, on Korean visit, pledges to boost trade with S. Korea "five-fold" in next few years
Japan: Cabinet Sect'y Abe tops poll to succeed Koizumi as head of Liberal Democratic Party in September vote 
Israel: PM Olmert discusses problems of evacuees from Gaza and Samaria in special Knesset session 
 Yemen: President vows to seek re-election amdist "pressure" from the public
USA: Bush calls on Senate to approve line-item veto; has passed the House 
Venezuela: U.S. close to anti-drug accord with Venezuela after calls to restrict U.S. agents' powers
Bolivia: President "caves in" to Catholic Church on religious education ban proposal
Ukraine: coalition nominates Yulia Tymoshenko - "Orange Princess" - for PM 
China: Deals signed with Angola, South Africa on trade, political relations 
Kyrgyzstan: Parliament rejects 2003 treaty with Kazakhstan
Italy: Italians reject constitutional amendments 
Philippines: Pres. Arroyo signs death penalty ban into law
Finland: Left Alliance in turmoil after leader resigns 
Venezuela: Election officials invite EU to witness Dec. presidential election

Monday, June 26, 2006

South Korea: Gov't to compensate families of Communists who fought Japanese occupation
UK: Blair chides G8 over world trade deal 
South Africa: Opposition party to question Arts & Culture minister over German trip during World Cup
Europe: EU trading partners say new chemicals regulations could have "grave consequenses"
Italy: Constitutional overhaul would give PM more powers; two-day referrendum ends today
Iraq: Leading Sunni politician backs PM's reconciliation plan
India: Gov't acts to stem rising prices in commodities of wheat, sugar
Sierra Leone: VP drafts act to harmonise laws nationwide
France: Senate passes tough immigration bill, following National Assembly's passage last month
Australia: Parliament passes Do Not Call register
Canada: Conservatives to take aim at dismantling "long-gun" registry in fall session
Thailand: PM Thaksin vows to lead his party in election, despite possible dissolution for corruption
East Timor: PM quits after weeks of protests over military firings
Kuwait: 28 women contest 50 seats in June 29 legislative election
Turkey: Former PM Yilmaz likely presidential candidate for new centrist party
Japan: Opposition parties unite in call for Bank of Japan Gov. to resign
Belgium: Mosques in Brussels could get government funds
Romania: Conservatives vote to remain in governing coalition
Japan: Diet passes law aimed at lowering high suicide rate

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mauritania: Oil-rich nation held historic vote Sunday
Brazil: President Lula to stand for re-election in October
UK: More: Tories to announce Bill of Rights (Times of London)
Somalia: 'Radical' wanted by U.S. heads new Somali body
UK: Tories to introduce US-Style "Bill of Rights"
Australia: Senate to Recommend Test Seasonal Worker Scheme

The Mission of This Blog

The mission of this blog is simple: To link to political news around the world.

This site was inspired by a fist fight. Several, actually. Not involving me, but involving politicians in Japan and South Korea, and elsewhere. That seems to be the only time Westerners really pay attention to politics outside their own nation. And that's a shame, because that's not politics, it's entertainment.

This site aims to link to SERIOUS news articles about political discussions, debates and elections in nations throughout the world.

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