Wednesday, March 28, 2012

UK: Secret Dinners for Donors to the Conservative Party Revealed
BRAZIL: Federal Prosecutors Prepare Lawsuit Against Chevron for Nov. Oil Spill
VIETNAM: Gov't Slams US Congress' Human Rights Act
#LIBYA: Southern Tribe Threatens to Declare Independence

Monday, March 12, 2012

ABKHAZIA: Small, Breakaway Georgian Republic Votes in Parliamentary Elections

UK: Labour Party Leader Attends Football Match Hours After Skipping Rally Due to "Sickness"

SOUTH AFRICA: Public Demonstrations Prompt Gov't to Scrap Plans for Toll Roads
BRAZIL: Rio State Gov't to Remove Sewage from Beaches Before 2014 Olympics
UK: Irish, British Leaders Meet in London to Outline Closer Economic, Diplomatic Ties
PHILIPPINES: Gunmen Kill Reporter Covering President Aquino
CHINA: Government Backs Groundbreaking Law Banning Forced Confessions of Criminals in Custody
FRANCE: Sarkozy Tacks Right: Would Consider Pulling out of Visa-Free Border Zone

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday, March 09, 2012

GREECE: "Conditions in Place" For New 130 billion Euro Bailout
UGANDA: Angry Traders Set up Their Own Bank, Citing Interest Rate Increases
SYRIA: Opposition Rejects Talks With Assad Regime, Citing Ongoing Massacres

BAHRAIN: Nearly 100,000 In Anti-Government Protests
BURMA: Canadian Foreign Minister Offers Activist Aung San Suu Kyi Honorary Citizenship

SAUDI ARABIA: Police Break Up Protest at Women's College
ITALY: Diplomatic Row Over Failure to Inform Rome About Hostage Rescue Attempt
JAPAN: Red Cross Blames Gov't For "Wasted Year" Not Rebuilding Following Disasters

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

UK: Clegg Calls European Arrest Warrant "Indispensable"

TUNISIA: President Calls for Limits on Accusations of Apostasy
VIETNAM: Gov't Officials Return US$70,000 in Gifts in Anti-Corruption Campaign
USA: Bill Targeting China, Vietnam Subsidies Passes House, Awaits Obama's Signature
BERMUDA: Candidate May Challenge Rule Forcing Him to Give Up Gov't Job
MALAYSIA: Gov't Considers $265/month Minimum Wage Law

KENYA: 48% Would Support Woman for Presidency
RUSSIA: Election Observers Call Putin Win an "Insult"

UK: British Version of "Super Tuesday" Likely to Elect Mayors, Police Chiefs/Commissioners
JAPAN: Government Seeks Increasing Support from Opposition LDP on Legislation
CHINA: Female Lawmakers Seek Ban on Surrogacy
TUNISIA: Hundreds Protest Rising Cost of Living