Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bermuda: Deputy PM will not challenge leader of Progressive Labour Party in October leadership election 
Jamaica: Nurses return to work after two-day strike following "progress" in talks with labor ministry 
India: BJP Party's minority committee charges that leftist parties "alienated" Muslims from the BJP and from Hinduism
India: Pact with Bhutan signed to assist in hydroelectric power plants and to buy fuel they create 
Philipines: 2006 national census cancelled due to lack of funds; "aging" nation's average age is 21.4; in 1970 it was 16.9, says census board
Quatar: New law requires small firms to maintain books for daily inspection
Iran: President awards Venezuela's Chavez a medal for his work against "imperialism" 
Kuwait: Law sent to parliament to give $300 million in aid for Lebanon reconstruction 
Congo: UN sets up "committee of the wise" to assist in post-election transition 
Angola: Finance Minister touts 20.6 percent growth rate; highest in the world 
Ukraine:  Pres. Yuschchenko vetoes possible coalition gov't; does not want Communists in coalition

Friday, July 28, 2006

Taiwan: Opposition makes second attempt to impeach Pres. Chen over embezzlement charges 
Peru: Pres. Garcia sworn in; plans $400 million investment program in rural areas; will counter Chavez' anti-US rhetoric 
Singapore: Police set strict rules, limited venues for IMF World Bank protests during Sept. mtg. 
Spain: PM vows an "all-out" campaign against illegal immigration from Africa 
Hungary: President signs tax increases into law; designed to cut deficit 
Lithuania: Center-left minority coalition gov't takes office after time of scandals
Zambia: President dissolves parliament, calls for new elections 
Zimbabwe: Supreme Court rules electoral court was improper, may cause repressive
constitutional  amendments to be repealed

Somalia: 17 members of cabinet resign; possible sign power sharing deal with Islamists

Monday, July 24, 2006

Russia: Chavez of Venezuela in Russia to seal deal for 30 fighter jets and 30 helicopters; 
supplements deal for 100,000 Kalishnikov rifles, first delivery was in June
Kosovo: Serb and Kosovar leaders meet for the first time  in Vienna to discuss future of the region; 
no handshakes, no pleasantries exchanged in closed-door meeting 
Burma: Association of Southeast Asian Nation criticizes Burma for lack of democratic reforms
South Africa: Human Rights Commission slams lack of planning, poor implementation in anti-poverty programs by gov't 
Zambia: Media banned from making "speculative analysis" in lead-up to national election 
 Philippines: Pres. Arroyo stresses economy in annual address
UK: Troubled Child Support Agency to be axed; replaced with more efficient body 
UK: Tory leader Cameron in Afghanistan for secret visit to troops 

Friday, July 21, 2006

New Zealand: US Sec. of State Rice says US can "move on" from past nuclear row with NZ
New Zealand: US Sen. McCain brushes off incident with Foreign Minister Peters; Peters cut off McCain and shut down news conference during Washington visit
Australia: New South Wales Premier accused by his party of acting like a "choirboy" and caving in to the Catholic Church after opposing stem cell research
Turkey: PM warns of incursions by Iraqi Kurds into Turkey; 15 Turkish soldiers killed; cross-border attacks "beyond the limits of tolerance" PM Erdogan warns Pres. Bush
 Congo: Catholic Church, UN warn of unfairness of election campaign
Argentina: Venezuela joins MERCOSUR economic trading bloc Friday during Argentinian conference; Chavez and Cuba's Castro attend
Oman: House gives approval to US-Oman free trade agreement; allows Oman companies to to oversee and run U.S. ports

Saturday, July 15, 2006

EU: President condemns Israeli blockade against Lebanon; says it "contravenes international law"
Vietnam: Military officials cautious over U.S. offer of joint military cooperation, including exercises 
EU: Foreign ministers to discuss thorny Kosovo issues at Monday meeting
Zimbabwe: Pres. Mugabe blames the West for economic problems, promises turnaround 
 Romania: Pres. Traian Bãsescu highlights Black Sea regional cooperation
Georgia: Gas pact reached with Azerbaijan
Estonia: Gov't approves bill merging public TV, radio services 
Mexico: Defeated pres. candidate Lopez Obrador accuses businesses of financing campaign against him
Russia: Defense Minister decries Hezbollah's "Terrorists" methods and Israel's response "unacceptable" 

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Six-member Gulf Cooperation Council take steps towards monetary union in 2010

Link: (GCC Website)
Somalia: Warlords surrender weapons to Islamist militias 
Philippines: Gov't considers moratorium on 'nonessential' development loans 
South Africa: President Mbeki to 'talk tough' to G8 over Africa committments not met 
UK: Former army commander expresses "horror" at  Deputy PM Prescott running gov't during Blair break this summer; Prescott facing probe
UK: Leftwing challenge to PM heir apparent Gordon Brown could bring other challengers 
Ivory Coast: Voter ID documentation process slow to start ahead of October elections 
Belarus: Court sentences former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin to 5 1/2 years in prison; planned opposition rallies claiming fraud in election; charged with "hooliganism"
Guatemala: Former dictator Efrain Rios Montt denies genocide charges 

Monday, July 10, 2006

Angola: Gov't must improve sanitation and water to avoid cholera outbreaks, warns warns Doctors Without Borders 
Iran: Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati says privatization of state companies will "help secure social justice and uproot poverty and discrimination"
Russia: Duma passes "anti-extremism" bill critics say will help silence gov't opponents 
Hungary: PM says growth will slow to 2% in 2007, 3% in 2008, lower than earlier estimates 
Russia: U.S. considering nuclear assistance deal; pegged to cooperation on non-proliferation 
Spain: Judge orders arrest of two former Guatemalan military dictators; to face genocide trials
Philippines: Gov't spokesman says it's "slaying the corruption dragon" despite negative ratings
Nepal: Health of 84-year-old PM is improving, say doctors 
U.S.: Senate committee backs nuclear deal with India 
U.K.: Costly child support agency reforms "aren't working" say audit office 

Saturday, July 08, 2006

East Timor: Ramos Horta named new PM ending weeks of unrest 
Analysis: "Leftist tide" in Central  and South America "may be ebbing" following Calderon victory in Mexico, results elsewhere
Nigeria: New foreign minister alleges foreign ministry "enmeshed in financial scandals"
Philippines: Pres. Arroyo unveils massive reforestation effort
Latvia: Three members of popular New Era Party expelled over corruption suspicions 
Japan: Hot economy prompts first interest rate hike in six years 
Poland: Identical twin of president is set to be nominated for post of prime minister 
Congo: Journalist shot dead ahead of election 
India: Ruling Congress Party faces mounting criticisms of reform plans 
U.K.- Deputy PM Prescott will run gov't during Blair vacation in Aug. despite allegations 
Uganda: President promises rebel leader sought for war crimes amnesty 
Thailand: 15 new parties formed in July as two major parties face dissolution threat
Thailand: Secretary to PM warns that violence to oust gov't would not be accepted by int'l community 
Cyprus: New UN-hosted talks to begin today between rival Greek/Turkish factions; seen as a breakthrough
EU: U.S. is "winning the race" for skilled migrants, say EU officials 

Friday, July 07, 2006

Venezuela: Carribean Community (CARICOM) to support Venezuela's bid for non-permanent seat on UN Security Council; U.S. opposed
Taiwan: President Chen vows to "do a better job" after surviving recall attempt by opposition
Mexico: Calderon wins presidential race after vote recount
Ivory Coast: President and rebel leaders agree to break deadlock in peace talks
Venezuela: Nation joins MERCOSUR regional free trade group; worries expressed
over Chavez "politicizing" group 
Kenya: Electoral commission unveils new election rules;  parties must reveal procedure for nominations, candidates must follow them
Australia: PM Howard rules out  taking other nations' nuclear waste 
Pakistan: No-confidence motion petition signed by 74 members of national assembly against PM Aziz
Bulgaria: Savoy Affair involving former royals in Bulgaria and Italy continues

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Turkey: EU official  plays down veto by Turkey's president of ombudsman bill; says won't effect EU enlargement bid by Turkey
Israel: Law proposed to limit immunity of Knesset members who express support for terror groups 
UK: Deputy PM Prescott faces investigation for undeclared visit at home of casino operator
UK: PM Blair admits he decided on replacing nuclear power facilities with new ones before starting review
Yemen: President files for new term in office; calls for nuclear energy for Yemenis 
Thailand: PM's comments may have been an offense to the king, says legal expert; constitution calls for "revered worship" of the king; PM said "charismatic figure" is causing political problems
Zimbabwe: Gov't accused of jamming Voice of America radio signals 
Sri Lanka: Rebels demand EU peacekeepers leave by 1 Sept after EU labels Tamil Tigers a terror group 
India: Foreign secretary meets Sri Lankan president over devolution package 

Monday, July 03, 2006

Greece: EU warns gov't that deficits could rise above mandated ceilings next year 
Hungary: PM Reggel admits "viscous cycle of false promises" made by political parties to electorate over weak economy 
Estonia: Special summer session to be called to elect president 
U.S.: Sen. Lieberman to seek election on general election ballot even if he loses Democratic Primary in CT 
Europe: Brussels official calls for no more referenda on EU Constitution; but some nations likely to demand a vote when next round of discussions begin next year
Russia: Free trade, energy talks to begin next year with European Union 
Mexico: Presidential election "up in the air" after Sunday's vote 
Ghana: Parliament Moves to Save Cash-Strapped Food And Drugs Board 

Sunday, July 02, 2006

UK: Commons debates ending "need for a father" rule for invitro fertilization; seen as "discriminatory" 
towards lesbians, single women 
Jamaica: Five constituencies in breach of upper, lower limits for number of voters, commission 
sought to fix problem 
Rwanda: Senate to summon Health Minister Ntawukuriryayo to answer questions about hospital's funding
Chad: African Union panel calls for former president to face human rights abuse trial within Africa 
Japan: 600 troops pulled from Iraq; but gov't pledges heavy spending on rebuilding efforts
Vietnam: More southern "capitalists" enter top leadership of Communist Party, marking shift
Thailand: Illegal workers documented by new ID program; eligible for welfare, labour benefits
Kuwait: Opposition MPs call for no reappointment of "controversial" cabinet ministers 
India: Four left-leaning parties say Congress Party is "shedding crododile tears" over price rises 
India: Parties urge adoption of quotas for "Other Backward Classes" (OBCs) for higher educational institutions in upcoming legislative session 

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fiji: Union leader slams MP over calls for a retirement age of 55
Barbados: PM Owen Arthur says "xenophobia" hampers free movement of  labor in Carribean region; single market and economy planned for 2008
Afghanistan: Native reporters protest new press restrictions imposed by Karzai government
EU: European Commission set to fine Microsoft $2.5 million per day; says it's not complying 
with 2004 antitrust ruling
Kuwait: Reformists make gains in national elections; vow to reduce corruption 
Netherlands: Government resigns following pull-out of D66 Party from coalition; party protesting actions of immigration minister towards Somali immigrant's citizenship.

(See link in previous post)
China: Thousands march in Hong Kong demanding universal sufferage; celebrations mark 9 years after British hand-over
Mexico: Nation votes tomorrow; leftist Obrador leads in polls 
UK: Labour, Tories both suffer in by-elections 
Russia: Ruble becomes fully convertable currency as of today 
France: PM Dominique de Villepin will not compete in 2007 presidential race
Cameroon: MPs call for investigation of frmr. Agriculture minister; say gov't funds
ended up in private hands in 2004
Czech Rep.: President Vaclav Klaus refuses to accept PM Jiri Paroubek's offer to resign during nation's political deadlock
Europe: EU media commissioner calls for EU-regulated radio spectrum to ensure access and improve competition 
Analysis: Islamist parties making gains in Middle Eastern elections
Zimbabwe: Ruling party Politiburo urges Mugabe to rebuff calls for a transition out of power