Monday, January 30, 2012

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Amnesty Granted for Soldiers Involved in Military Mutiny
MALAYSIA: Five Activists Indicted for Treason for Raising Banned Flag of Papua Region
MEXICO: Concerns Growing over Possible Narco-Terrorist Manipulation of 2012 Election
CUBA: Pres. Raul Castro Announces 10-year Term Limits for Gov't Officials
EGYPT: Americans Barred From Leaving Country Take Refuge In US Embassy


In Tradition of Castro, Chavez, Ecuador's President Moving to Muzzle Press Freedom [world politics news]
GREECE: Furious, Angry Reaction to EU Plan to Control Greece's Budgeting Process
UK: Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband Says Scottish independence will hurt economic recovery

Monday, January 23, 2012

GUATEMALA: Former Dictator Rios Montt Ordered to Face Genocide Charges in Court
FRANCE: Socialist Francois Holland, Challenging Sarkozy, Calls for Change
CROATIA: Voters Support EU Membership 2 to 1 in Referendum
EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood-Dominated People's Assembly Meets
KENYA: Two Potential Pres. Candidates to Face Trial For Allegedly Orchestrating Violence

SOUTH SUDAN: The World's Newest Country
EUROPE: EU Slaps Oil Embargo on Iran Over Nuclear Program
NIGERIA: Elections Postponed - On Election Day

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

USA: Republicans Divided Over Myanmar Recognition
UK: Labour Leader Miliband Goes After "Rip-off Britain"
RUSSIA: TV Commentator Attacks New US Ambassador
HUNGARY: EU Takes Hungary to Court Over New Constitution
EU: Europeans Shrug off Mitt Romney's Criticism of "Socialist Europe"
UK: Judge Orders Dismantling of London "Occupy" Encampment
EU: Outgoing EU President Condemned for Tribute to "Fascist" Politician
DENMARK: PM Says Europe is on the Edge of "Political Catastrophe"
UK: Cameron Addresses Rising Tensions Over Falkland Islands as War Anniversary Approaches
PAKISTAN: PM Challenges Military Leaders on Legal Memo: "PM is answerable only to parliament."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ISRAEL: Charges Against Foreign Minister Could Trigger Early Elections
CROATIA: Major Jitters Over Joining EU In Sunday's Referrendum
KUWAIT: Foreign Observers to Monitor May Elections
FRANCE: Ahead of Elections, All Sides Promise Jobs
NORTH KOREA: Brother of New Leader Says Regime Won't Last
CANADA: Gov't Lifts Ban on Real-Time Election Results
KENYA: Dec. Election May be Pushed to March, 2013
YEMEN: Feb. Presidential Election May Be Delayed, Says Foreign Minister
KAZAKHSTAN: Opposition Leaders Protest Election Results