Saturday, April 27, 2013

ICELAND: Anti-EU Center-Right Leads in Vote Count [world politics news]

AUSTRALIA: Titanic Replica Builder Forms New Political Party [world politics news]

SERBIA: Mutual Recognition Deal with Kosovo Approved Ahead of EU Membership Bid [world politics news]

Serbia's Parliament Friday overwhelmingly approved a deal normalizing relations with neighboring Kosovo that paves the way for both nations to seek European Union membership. The deal specifies that neither nation will hinder the others' quest for EU membership. Kosovo broke away from Serbia in 1999 after a violent, NATO-sponsored war.
PERU: First Lady Faces Investigation Over Spending [world politics news]

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PORTUGAL: Gov't Seeks to Lower Taxes to Revive its Flagging Economy [world politics news]
JAPAN: New Poll Shows Strong Support for PM Abe's Economic Program [world politics news]
IRAQ: PM Orders Investigation After Army Storms Anti-Gov't Protesters Killing 110 [world politics news]
JAPAN: 168 Lawmakers Visit Controversial War Shrine; China, S. Korea Protest [world politics news]
Japan's Deputy PM Taro Aso prays while visiting the Yasukuni shrine, where some war criminals are buried.

FRANCE: Rioting, Anger After Gay Marriage Legalized [world politics news]

Monday, April 15, 2013

VENEZUELA: Maduro Wins Narrow Victory in Pres. Election; Capriles Protests [world politics news]

KUWAIT: Opposition Leader Jailed, Accused of Insulting Emir [world politics news]

GERMANY: Newly-Formed Alternative for Germany Party May Unseat Merkel [world politics news]

JAPAN: US Approves Japan's Entry into Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks [world politics news]
ITALY: President Seeks Outside Counsel to Break Political Deadlock [world politics news]

PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY: PM Salam Fayyad Resigns, Sparking Political Chaos [world politics news]

Friday, April 12, 2013

UKRAINE: Pres. Yanukovych Pardons Key Yulia Tymoshenko Allies [world politics news]

Some are speculating that the pardons signal that the popular former Prime Minister - jailed, some say, on trumped-up corruption charges - could also soon be released.

SPAIN: Catalonia Says Austerity Budget Cuts "Impossible to Impose" [world politics news]

SPAIN: Legal Marriage Age and Sexual Consent Raised to 16 [world politics news]

Spain's Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality Ana Mato said Friday the change was aimed at "improving the well being and quality of life of youngsters." The age of sexual consent was raised from 13 to 16. It had been the lowest age of sexual consent in Europe.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PAKISTAN: Frmr. Pres. Musharaff Faces Treason Charges Apr. 15 [world politics news]

PORTUGAL: Court Rules Most of Gov't Austerity Measures Unconstitutional [world politics news]

FRANCE: Scandals Swirl Around Pres. Hollande; Cabinet Shuffle Urged [world politics news]

NORWAY: Conservative & Progress Party Trump Left-Leaning Parties in Poll [world politics news]

RUSSIA: NGOs Dispute Putin Claim They've Received $1 Billion in 4 Months [world politics news]

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

RUSSIA: Duma Party Committees Will Filter Out "Stupid" Bills [world politics news]

S. KOREA: New Finance Minister Appointed; Hyun To Introduce Stimulus Pkg. [world politics news]
SAUDI ARABIA: Justice Ministry Denies "Paralysis Sentence" By Judge [world politics news]

KENYA: Kenyatta Inaugurated; Promises Free Expression; Vibrant Democracy [world politics news]

SINGAPORE: High Court Dismisses Challenge of Anti-Gay Sex Law; "Parliament's Role" [world politics news]
UK: Thatcher "Death Party" Becomes Violent; Arrests After Riot, Looting [world politics news]

Thursday, April 04, 2013

DENMARK: China Opening Joint Research Center in Copenhagen [world politics news]
CHILE: Communist Party Leader Defends Violence, Involvement in Pinochet Assassination Plan [world politics news]

Communist Party (PC) leader Guillermo Teillier has attracted vehement criticism from fellow politicians after admitting to authorizing a failed assassination attempt on right-wing dictator Augusto Pinochet in 1986 and defending the use of violence in certain political situations.
CUBA: Young Political Activist Creates Political Organization, Somos+ [world politics news]

EUROPE: Topless Women Protest Tunisian Activist's Arrest in Front of Mosques, Consulates [world politics news]

POLAND: Lech Walesa Comments Under Fire; Says Elected Gays Should "Sit Behind Wall"  [world politics news]

DENMARK: Universities Fined for Having Too Many Foreign Students [world politics news]