Monday, February 01, 2021

#NEWZEALAND: PM Ardern Releases Plan To House The Homeless

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is promising to fix New Zealand's housing crisis and has unveiled new details of her Government's state housing plan.

The country's home waiting list continues to balloon – nearly 22,500 people are now on the public housing waiting list.

Ardern became prime minister in August, 2017. This is not the first time she has tackled a big issue. In 2018 she introduced the Child Poverty Reduction Act. But critics say her government has failed to tackle child poverty effectively. 

An annual report card released by the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), in early September, compared the performances of 41 high-income countries on child welfare issues, from suicide rates to childhood obesity, education and environment. New Zealand is at the bottom third in 35th place.


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