Thursday, February 18, 2021

#ITALY: All Parties In Coalition Gov't Except The Small Right-Leaning "Brothers Of Italy" Party

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Every political party in Italy has joined the government in a coalition to support prime minister  Mario Draghi, the former head of the European Central Bank, except one.

The Right-leaning Brothers of Italy, which is currently polling at about 7%, has voted to remain the sole party in opposition. Despite the male name, the party is headed by a woman, Giorgia Meloni.

The party leader posted on Twitter that the directors of the party unanimously approved her proposal to vote against joining the government of Draghi.

“We do not believe it is possible to try to rebuild Italy with the same people who contributed to destroying it," she said.

Being the opposition party has advantages. The opposition party is entitled to airtime on the public TV station, for instance.

Meloni said the party, which was founded in 2012, will act as a "patriotic opposition."

Party senator Alberto Balboni said on the Senate floor Wednesday:

"In times of crisis, democracy must be strengthened and we in the opposition will guarantee democratic dialogue, without which democracy is destined to end up in a swamp of unanimity."

The anti-EU party has as its principles defending Italy's national identity, patriotism, the family, Christian values and on respect for the rules and on greater liberalism in the economy as well as fairer taxation.


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