Wednesday, April 17, 2019

#EU: Populist Parties Form "European Alliance of Peoples and Nations" Group To Contest EU Elections

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Italy’s Matteo Salvini has formally launched his much-anticipated bid to unite European right-leaning populist parties ahead of EU elections in May. "We want to reform Europe," he declared during a press conference at a swanky hotel in central Milan. "For many people, the EU is a nightmare, not a dream," said the Italian interior minister and deputy prime minister.

Salvini's League Party in Italy has teamed up with Germany's populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, whose leader and currently the group’s only Member of the European Parliament, Jörg Meuthen was by his side. Also at the table were representatives from the Danish People's Party and the Finns Party of Finland, who are for now the only other confirmed members. The new group will be called European Alliance of Peoples and Nations (EAPN), Meuthen said, and is open to "anyone for whom conservatism and patriotism are important."


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