Wednesday, April 17, 2019

#CANADA: Jason Kenney's United Conservatives Defeat Notley's NDP In Alberta Election

[world politics news]

Alberta's Jason Kenney dreamed of uniting his province's two conservative parties in order to stop splitting the vote in provincial elections. His dream paid off as his United Conservative Party roared into power in yesterday's election, defeating the left-of-center New Democrats.

Kenney ran a campaign promising to scrap the carbon tax and usher in a new era of fiscal conservatism.

Kenney, 50, was first elected to the Alberta legislature when he won a byelection in Calgary-Lougheed in December. In 2017, he successfully campaigned to merge the Wildrose Party with the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta, ending vote-splitting that was causing them to lose elections to the New Democrats. He was then elected the party's leader.


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