Saturday, April 20, 2019

#CANADA: A Tradition Since 1980, Edmonton, Alberta Pride Parade Cancelled After Racial Justice Groups Make Financial Demands

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The Annual Pride Parade in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was canceled after two groups demanded tens of thousands of dollars from the organizers, and the creation of seminars on climate change and racial oppression. Unable to fully comply with the demands set forth by two opposing groups - RaricaNow and Shades of Colour Edmonton - the board of the Edmonton Pride Festival released a statement advising that the entirety of the LGBT-centric events, a tradition in the community since 1980, would be cancelled.

Two members of the organizing group told The Edmonton Journal that "a number of demands couldn't be approved because they would fundamentally change the structure and the mission of the society while jeopardizing its not-for-profit status."

The organizers had in previous years disinvited police and military participants in the parade, along with conservative politicians who wanted to march with them. Last year's parade route was physically blocked by protesters upset with a lack of of focus on racial justice issues.


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