Tuesday, April 16, 2019

#AUSTRIA: Interior Minister Warns Of "Massive New Migration Wave" If Action Isn't Taken By EU

[world politics news]

Austrian interior minister Herbert Kickl has written to the European Union, warning of a renewed migrant crisis and calling for immediate preventative measures to be taken. In the letter, published by the Krone newspaper, Kickl cited figures from European Union law enforcement agency Europol suggesting that a “large-scale movement of people from Turkey to Europe” is about to take place.

There are presently “tens of thousands” of migrants in these areas already, including about 5,000 each in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, as well as about 60,000 asylum seekers in Greece, and about 5.6 million Syrian refugees in the Middle East, according to Kickl, who said there is "a clear potential for a massive new migration wave if action is not taken quickly."


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