Tuesday, June 14, 2022

#CANADA: Member pf Parliament Threatened With Expulsion After Refusal To Disclose Vax Status

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When the member of parliament for the riding of Yorkton—Melville in Saskatchewan Cathay Wagantall took the decision of finally coming back to Ottawa's Federal parliament building in order to better serve her constituents, the Liberals and NDP in the House of Commons threatened to kick her out of Parliament. Therefore she preemptively decided to leave, before security would need to get involved. Earlier his week, guards at the building could be seen with photos of her, to help identify her and prevent her from entering the building.

After this occurred, she staged a press conference in front of the parliament building (West Block) to explain what the situation was, and what actions had been taken. “There’s no way that any of our public servants are being nearly as efficient as they should be working from home,” she said. 

Wagantall explained that she believes “there are very good reasons why an exemption should be given to a number of Canadians – actually the majority of them. Because there are a lot of reasons why an individual may choose not to get vaccinated.”


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