Tuesday, June 21, 2022

##COLOMBIA: Former Marxist Guerrilla Elected President

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When he takes office on August 7th Gustavo Petro will become the country’s first left-wing president. He offers a radical departure from two decades of right-wing and center-right rulers. Petro’s running-mate, Francia Márquez, a 40-year-old environmental activist, will become the country’s first black vice-president.

Petro won by 50.4% to 47.3%, a wider than expected margin, in a run-off against Rodolfo Hernández, a property tycoon. His 11.3m votes, helped by a record turnout of 58%, mark the highest tally in Colombia’s electoral history. Petro is a former mayor of Bogotá and once belonged to m19, a leftist guerrilla group.


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