Monday, November 01, 2021

#ITALY: Senate Kills Gay Anti-Discrimination Bill Over Free Speech Concerns

[world politics news]

The Italian Senate has voted down a proposed law against homophobia which faced vehement opposition from right-leaning parties and the Vatican.

The bill, known as the ‘ddl Zan." after its 2018 author, sought to punish acts of discrimination and "incitement to violence" against gay, lesbian, transgender and disabled people.

It was proposed in May 2018 by Alessandro Zan, a member of parliament from the centre-left Democratic Party, in response to what he called an “exponential rise in the number and seriousness of acts of violence towards gay and transgender people."

Critics of the law said it risked endangering freedom of expression - because incitement could be interpreted as lack of approval of the gay lifestyle - and would have paved the way for “homosexual propaganda” in schools.


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