Tuesday, July 20, 2021

#CANADA: Parliament Passes Bill To Strengthen Relations With Taiwan

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Canadian Parliament Passes First Reading of Taiwan-Relations Bill to Strengthen Ties

Following the passage of a series of bills in the United States to enhance relations with Taiwan, the Canadian House of Commons recently passed the Canada-Taiwan Relations Framework Act on first reading by unanimous applause.

The bill, introduced by Conservative Representative Michael Cooper, provides a basis for normalizing Canada's relations with Taiwan and for Taiwan's international standing. 

Of greater interest is the renaming of the Taiwan government's representative office in Canada as the "Taiwan Representative Office", relaxing visa requirements for unofficial visits to Canada by Taiwanese officials, and allowing Canada to enter into agreements with Taiwan and treat the Taiwanese government as one of the foreign governments. 

Canada will also be concerned about the situation in the Taiwan Strait in accordance with the bill, and will view sanctions, embargoes and other non-peaceful means against Taiwan as a threat to the Asia Pacific region, and the Canadian government should speak out on this issue.

Source: Stand News #Jun19

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