Wednesday, April 07, 2021

UK: PM Johnson Signals Vaccine Passport Coming For Int'l Travel, Labour Party, Pubs, Oppose

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has delivered his strongest hint yet that British citizens will need a vaccine passport to go on holidays abroad as he faces a Labour Party revolt - and one in his own Conservative Party, too - over the documents being used domestically.

The Prime Minister said during a visit to Middlesbrough that there is 'definitely going to be a world in which international travel will use vaccine passports'. 

He insisted 'there's a logic' to such an approach on travel as he also said proof of vaccination and having had a test could help provide 'maximum confidence to businesses and customers in the UK'.

The latter comment is likely to be viewed as a sign that the Government does intend to proceed with some sort of domestic 'Covid status certification' which could be used to determine access to things like hospitality venues. Pubs have warned that they do not support this move, however.


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