Tuesday, January 05, 2021

#CANADA: Backlash After Alberta Gov't Minister Vacations In Hawaii

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Tracy Allard, Alberta's Minister of Municipal Affairs, is taking heat for vacationing for two weeks in Hawaii during the coronavirus outbreak last month.

Allard, who is a United Conservative Party Member of the Legislative Assembly for Grande Prairie, left for a family vacation in Hawaii on Dec. 19 and just returned this week.

In response to backlash, the United Conservative Party Member of the Legislative Assembly said the trip with her immediate family had been "fully compliant" with the province's health orders and that she had felt its border testing pilot offered a safe way to carry through with the tradition, but in retrospect, that she could see that it was "the wrong decision."

Allard became an MLA when she was elected in April, 2019. She entered the cabinet of Premier Jason Kenney in August, 2020.

Allard is apparently not alone. there were reportedly up to nine other members of Kenney's government traveling overseas during the holidays.

Nationally, two Liberal MPs have reportedly resigned from their government and House of Commons roles after admitting to recently traveling overseas. MP Sameer Zuberi stepped down from multiple committee roles while Kamal Khera resigned as parliamentary secretary to the Minister of International Development.


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