Friday, April 24, 2015

#EU: Opposition To Trade Deal With USA Growing In EU Parliament

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Half of the European Parliament's committees have rejected the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership's (TTIP) investor-state dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS), casting doubt over the trade deal's prospects of to passing through Parliament.

#USA: #MarcoRubio Surges Ahead of GOP Pack In Latest Poll; Walker, Carson Slide

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Sen. Marco Rubio is winning the support of 15 percent of Republican primary voters and runs best against Democrat Hillary Clinton, according to a Quinnipiac University National poll. Rubio has 15% Jeb Bush has 13%. Scott Walker and Ben Carson slipped. No other candidate tops 9% and 14% are undecided.

#UK: Labour Pty Refuses To Rule Out Power-Sharing Alliance With Scottish National Pty

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Conservative Party strategists are noting gleefully that the Labour Party has publicly refused to rule out a deal with the Scottish National Party over 100 times during the campaign leading up to the May 7 election. The SNP is on course to be a supermajority in Scotland, trouncing Labour candidates.

Pictured: Conservative campaign poster showing Labour leader Ed Miliband in SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon's top pocket.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

#FINLAND: Oppo. Centre Party Ousts Coalition Gov't

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Finland's opposition Centre Party has ousted Prime Minister Alexander Stubb's left-right coalition after a campaign dominated by the country's economic woes. Centre Party leader Juha Sipila, an IT millionaire and newcomer to politics, will become the next prime minister.

#CANADA: #StephenHarper Proposes New Ethics Rules for Military Procurement

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The Harper government has proposed new integrity standards, aimed at ensuring it only does business with ethical companies. But some critics are warning the standards could inadvertently shrink an already shallow pool of defense contractors, since many have had ethical scandals in the past.

Pictured: Prime Minister Stephen Harper (left) stands with Finance Minister Joe Oliver

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#HONGKONG: Controversial Electoral Legislation Announced; Pro-Beijing Committee To Nominate HK's Leader

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Legislation to create a 1,200-member, pro-Beijing committee to select the next leader of Hong Kong, has finally been announced. The committee will select two or three candidates to face the public vote in 2017 for the territory's next chief executive. Beijing's proposal sparked mass protests last September.

#IRELAND: Fianna Fáil Ldr Calls Sinn Féin "Unfit" For Gov't; Is Exploiting 1916 Rising Anniv.

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Fianna Fáil Leader Micheál Martin has attacked Sinn Féin, saying the party's engaged “in a deeply sinister attempt to misuse the respect which the Irish people have" for the 1916 Rising that established the Republic. He also claimed Sinn Féin "remains unfit for participation in a democratic republican government."

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#GREECE: Gov't Orders Cash From State-Owned Enterprises In Desperate Bid To Remain Solvent

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The Greek government has ordered a mandatory transfer of cash reserves from state-owned enterprises to its central bank, in a desperate bid to gather enough cash to remain solvent. The move comes as Greece's cash crisis gets worse every day. Even the most conservative estimates calculate the government's coffers will run dry in a matter of weeks.

#UK: Polls Show Labour Pty Running 28 Points Behind SNP In Scotland

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A new Scotland-wide poll puts the Labour Party at just 24 per cent, 28 points behind the Scottish National Party, weeks before the May 7 national election, The party's Scottish leader could lose his "safe" seat and polling suggests Labour could lose all 41 seats it won in 2010.

Pictured: Labour leader Ed Miliband, Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy and Labour's Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Ed Balls. 

#SPAIN: Podemos Pty "Fires" Slate Of Candidates For Election Fraud, Sets New Primary Date

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The year-old, far-Left Podemos Party, which is rising to fame on an anti-corruption message, invalidated the election of the top 14 members of the party list in the La Rioja region after detecting election fraud in their selection. A new primary will be held.

Monday, April 20, 2015

#ITALY: Gov't Warns Whirlpool Against Layoffs At Newly-Acquired Company's Factories

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Italy's government have joined unions in denouncing reported plans by US appliance giant Whirlpool to cut 1,350 jobs a year after it took over Italian rival Indesit, despite assurances that it would not engage in unilateral layoffs. The Economic Development ministry expressed "strong displeasure" at the prospect of potentially heavy job losses.

#GERMANY: Tens Of Thousands Protest #EU/USA Trade Deal

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Thousands of protesters protested in Europe Saturday to oppose talks between the US and European Union on a new trade pact. In Munich, 23,000 people joined the protest, while 2,000 turned up in Leipzig, 1,000 in Stuttgart and 2,000 in Brussels. The would not slash the already low trade tariffs but would also harmonize regulations.

#IRELAND: 10,000 Rally Against Nation's First Water Bills

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Up to 10,000 marched in Dublin this weekend to protest the mailing of the nation's first water utility bills, a move forced onto the country by EU regulators. Demonstrators threw their bills into a symbolic trash can. The movement has shown no signs of letting up after a winter of demonstrations.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

#INDIA: Congress Pty VP Rahul Gandhi Takes Heat After Return From 57-Day "Sabbatical"

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Congress Party Vice President Rahul Gandhi, the presumptive future party leader - his mother Sonia is the current president - has returned from an unexplained and mysterious 57-day "sabbatical." The return promoted a firestorm of ridicule on twitter and other social media.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

#THENETHERLANDS: Smoking Ban Fines Raised 1.4 million Euros For Gov't From Cafe, Bar Owners [world politics news]

Health inspectors handed out 1,578 fines to Dutch cafe, bar and club owners for breaking the ban on smoking in 2014. This is a rise of just under 200 on 2013. In total, inspectors levied fines totaling €1.4 million. The smoking ban went into effect in 2008.

#GERMANY: Liberal Oppo. Parties Say Gov't's Data Retention Proposals Are Unconstitutional

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The deputy leader of the Free Democratic Party, Wolfgang Kubicki, called the government's plans to store communications data 'unconstitutional' and said he will fight the proposals in court. Left Party Deputy Leader Jan Korte said it contravened the basic rights of German citizens since it put everyone under general suspicion.

#NORWAY: Pty Ldr Says Labor Gov't Would Recognize #Palestinian State; Israeli Amb. Warns

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Labor Party Leader Jonas Gahr Støre says his party would recognize Palestinian state if they come to power. He stated that there must be no longer a prerequisite of a peace agreement before recognition. Israeli Ambassador Raphael Schutz warned that recognition would be a mistake that prolongs the conflict.