Thursday, May 28, 2015

#UK: Conservatives Delay Controversial Repeal Of EU-Linked Human Rights Act

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Controversial plans to axe the Human Rights Act have been put on hold following opposition from senior Conservative Party MPs. The Act protects fundamental rights and freedoms, including the right to life, privacy and free speech. Scrapping the act would break the formal link between British courts and the European Court of Human Rights.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

#FRANCE: Parliament Unanimously Passes Bill Forbidding Supermarket Waste

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France's parliament has voted unanimously to ban food waste in big supermarkets, by outlawing the destruction of unsold food products. The law forces all supermarkets to donate their unused products to local organizations, converting the food into animal feed, or using it in composting.

#AUSTRALIA: PM Tony Abbott Supports Cross-Party Parliamentary Vote On Same-Sex Marriage

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott says that any vote on approving same-sex marriage should be non-partisan, and "owned" by all of parliament in a bill sponsored by multiple parties. This as a new poll of members of parliament indicates a bill would fall just one short of passage.

#MADAGASCAR: Parliament Votes To Remove President; Challenging In Courts

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Madagascar’s parliament voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to dismiss the president, Hery Rajaonarimanpianina, for alleged constitutional violations and general incompetence. The motion was backed by 121 of the 125 lawmakers who voted, easily clearing the two-thirds majority required. The constitutional court will decide whether the decision to dismiss Rajaonarimanpianina can be enacted.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

#VENEZUELA: Jailed Oppo. Ldr Leonardo López Leaks Video, Calls For Mass Street Protests

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Jailed opposition leader Leopoldo López leaked a self-made video from a high-security military prison last night to announce a hunger strike and call on all Venezuelans to hold a “massive and peaceful” protest against the government next Saturday. He was jailed by the Leftist regime 15 months ago.

#SOUTHAFRICA: Legislators Seek To Raise Drinking Age From 18 to 21

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The South African government wants to raise the legal drinking age from 18 to 21. The new alcohol control measure is intended to curb alcohol abuse in the country. Other new proposals include restricting the time at which alcohol can be sold in zoned areas, the setting of parameters for advertising and marketing of alcohol.

Monday, May 25, 2015

#POLAND: Pres. Komorowski Defeated By Euro-Skeptic Opponent

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Pres. Bronisław Komorowski has conceded defeat to Andrzej Duda of the conservative Euro-skeptic Law and Justice Party. The result sends a message to the government of PM Ewa Kopacz, an ally of Komorowski, who faces a tight re-election battle later this year, and a defeat for Civic Platform, a pro-EU party that's been in power six years.

Pictured: Polish President-elect Andrzej Duda.

#RUSSIA: Gov't Threatens Google, Facebook, Twitter With Shutdown Over Inability To Censor, Ban Users

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Russia's media watchdog has written to Google, Twitter and Facebook warning them against violating Russian Internet laws, saying they risk being blocked entirely if they do not give the government the ability to block users and take down websites  containing calls for "unsanctioned protests and unrest."

#CANADA: Alberta Legislator Suspended From New Democratic Party For Social Media Photos

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Deborah Drever, an NDP member of Alberta's Legislative Assembly, has been suspended from the party and will sit as an independent after a series of controversial posts to her social media sites. One showed a friend giving the middle finger to the Canadian flag, another featured homophobic statements below politicians' photos.

Pictured: A middle finger in front of a Canadian flag, one of the photos on Deborah Drever's facebook page that drew criticism. Drever said "that's not my finger on the flag. I have a lot of friends, whose pictures are on my site, and they don’t necessarily all share the same values that I do.”

Sunday, May 24, 2015

#IRELAND: Referendum To Allow Same-Sex Marriage Carries Overwhelmingly

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Sixty-two percent of Irish voters supported a referendum to legalize same-sex marriage friday, the first nation to do so by populer vote. Only one of the nation's 43 voting districts barely voted against it. The Catholic nation's archbishop said the Church, which opposed legalization, needed a "reality check."

Friday, May 22, 2015

#JAPAN: PM Abe Promises: Defense Force Will Never Be "Drawn Into US War;" Logistical Support Only

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says the nation's Self-Defense Forces will only provide logistic support in areas where safety is secured, and that Japan will never become embroiled in a war involving the United States. Issues were raised during a Diet debate as Abe's party seeks to change the military's role.

#CANADA: Conservatives Organize 3 Independent Debates; Green Party Outraged

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Having rejected a plan by a media consortium for one national debate before the October Federal election, the Conservative Party has arranged three debates and invited other parties to attend. All seem willing except  the Greens, who say it will be a "free for all" and "divisive."

Pictured: Conservative Party spokesman Kory Teneycke.

#UKRAINE: Parliament Gives Gov't Right To Suspend Debt Payments As Crisis Deepens

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Ukraine's parliament Tuesday adopted a law giving the government authority to halt debt payments. The controversial legislation ups the ante in the cash-strapped government's deepening standoff with foreign creditors on restructuring $23bn before a planned June deadline.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

#SWITZERLAND: Voters To Decide On Allowing Genetic Screening Of Human Embryos

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Swiss voters will vote June 14 on a constitutional amendment to allow screening and modification of unfertilized human embryos. It's backed by doctors who say restrictive laws push couples to have unnecessary abortions. Most parties support the amendment except the conservative Swiss People’s Party and the left-leaning Social Democrats.

#AUSTRALIA: #Uber Is "Taxi Travel" - Drivers Must Sign Up To Pay Taxes By Aug. 1, Says Tax Authority

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Thousands of Uber drivers across the nation will have to register for Goods and Services Tax by August 1, which could mean the cost of rides taken by consumers on the popular ride-sharing service rises by 10%. The Australian Taxation Office says people who provide ride-sharing services such as Uber are providing "taxi travel" under GST law.

#JAPAN: Opposition Japan Innovation Party Elects Yorihisa Matsuno New Leader

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Japan's second-largest party, the Japan Innovation Party, elected Yorihisa Matsuno as its new leader Tuesday after the resignation of his predecessor over a failed bid by a local party group to reorganize the Osaka city administration.