Thursday, August 25, 2016

#THEPHILIPPINES: Senate Investigates 1,700 Killings Of Drug Dealer Suspects Since Duterte Becomes Pres.

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Killings have soar in the Philippines amid Pres. Rodrigo Duterte's anti-drugs crackdown. More than 1,700 Filipinos have been killed in seven weeks since Duterte pledged to wipe-out his country's illegal drugs trade. Some are blaming his campaign rhetoric that he would "kill" all suepected drug dealers personally.  Duterte threatened to withdraw from the United Nations after UN human rights experts expressed concerns about the killings.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

#AUSTRALIA: PM Turnbull Seeks Amendment To "Fair Work" Law To Protect Volunteer Firefighters From Unions

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The Coalition Government led by Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull will seek to amend the Fair Work Act to protect the Victorian Country Fire Authority and similar volunteer organizations from union takeovers. The government of the state of Victoria is seeking to hand control of the CFA’s volunteers to the United Firefighters Union through a new agreement under the 2009 Fair Work Act.

#CANADA: Former MP Pierre Lemieux Joins Conservative Leadership Race

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The Conservative leadership contest continues to attract candidates, as defeated former Ottawa MP Pierre Lemieux throwing his hat into the race. Lemieux is lining up supporters and donations for a leadership bid that will see him campaign in large part on a social conservative platform, trumpeting his anti-abortion views and support for the "traditional definition' of marriage. The Conservative Party voted to accept gay marriage earlier this year.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

#GERMANY: Merkel's Party Raises Idea Of National Burka Ban

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Germany could impose a ban on women wearing burkas or full-face Islamic veils at schools and universities and while driving, under proposals announced by Angela Merkel’s party. The burka “does not belong in our cosmopolitan country,” Thomas de Maiziere, the interior minister and one of Merkel’s closest allies has said. The idea of a ban failed in an internal party vote lasts December.

#ISRAEL: Turkey Approves Deal Paving The Way To Renewed Relations With Israel

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Turkey's post-coup parliament has ratified a deal with Israel to normalize ties. Israel will pay compensation for a 2010 raid on a Turkish aid flotilla bound for Gaza that resulted in 10 Turkish nationals being killed.

Monday, August 22, 2016

#CANADA: Senate Opens Doors To Outside Review Of Senators' Expenses

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Last year, a scathing report on the Senate expense scandal was issued, with a recommendation that an independent oversight body be created to ensure that senators would no longer police themselves though the internal committee. After initial push-back, the Senate has now agreed to open its books to such a review.

#USA: Public Interest Group Claims CA Gov. Brown Took Energy Co. Money For Favors

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A report by public interest group Consumer Watchdog claims 26 energy companies including California's three major investor-owned utilities, Occidental, Chevron, and NRG—all with business before the state—donated $9.8 million to Gov. Jerry Brown’s campaigns, causes, and initiatives, and to the California Democratic Party since he ran for Governor. They further claim these donations were made within days or weeks of winning favors.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

#NORWAY: Labor And Center Parties Seek Ban on Wearing Hijab At Schools, Foreign Funds To Mosques

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Representatives of the Labor Party and Center Party integration committee proposes prohibition of women wearing Muslim niqab headgear at educational institutions, and preventive policies against children with hijab at primary schools.

#RUSSIA: Oppo. Ldr. Says Parliamentary Elections Will Be "Rigged"

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Russian opposition leader Mikhail Kasyanov says parliamentary elections next month were being rigged against his party, meaning it would have to win up to three times more votes than legally necessary to get into parliament. Starved of air time, vilified by Kremlin-backed media, and physically attacked on the stump, Kasyanov and his allies in the People's Freedom party or PARNAS face an uphill struggle to break into the 450-seat lower house of parliament on Sept. 18.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

#AUSTRALIA: Free Speech Crusaders Close To Amending Controversial Racial Discr. Act

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Free-speech crusaders are “closer than ever” to eroding the controversial Racial Discrimination Act, Liberal senator James Paterson said last night, saying Malcolm Turnbull should be “taking up the mantle and leading” on the hot-button issue. Former PM Tony Abbott angered his supporters in 2014 by abandoning an election promise to repeal the law, amid fears that loosening restrictions on speech could stymie efforts to silence radical preachers.

Pictured: Senator for Victoria James Paterson

#ZAMBIA: Pres. Lungu Wins Re-Election Amid Charges Of Vote Rigging

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Zambian Pres. Edgar Lungu has narrowly won re-election in a vote his main rival said was rigged. Hakainde Hichilema's United Party for National Development said it would appeal the result at the Constitutional Court, accusing election officials of fraud during the count which began after voting ended on Thursday.

Friday, August 19, 2016

#SPAIN:PM Rajoy Wins Support Of Citizens' Pty.; Hopes To Finally Form Gov't Aug. 30

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Spain's acting prime minister Mariano Rajoy will try to persuade Parliament to let him form a government in a debate scheduled to begin Aug. 30. Ana Pastor, the Speaker of Parliament, announced the date after conservative Popular Party leader Rajoy clinched a deal with the smaller Citizens/Ciudadanos Party to support his bid to return to power.

#VENEZUELA: South American MERCOSUR Trade Group May Expel Venezuela

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The coordinators of MERCOSUR - a trade association consisting of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela - may decide as early as Aug. 23 to expel Venezuela, which joined in 2012. A meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay will discuss legal sanctions on Venezuela, which self proclaimed itself the presidency of the group on July 30, and is also allegedly not complying with over 200 rules and regulations, requirements they agreed to when they joined. Venezuela could then lose its full member status.

Pictured: The flags of MERCOSUR’s five member-states: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela.